Frequently Asked Questions

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HELP, my driveway has turned a red/brown colour.

Do not be alarmed, this is a naturally occurring event when black mould dies, it will fade within 3-4 days and leave’s a nice clean surface.

I collect the rain water off my roof, what should I do to clean my roof?

When your tanks are full, disconnect them at the downpipe and apply Move-It. Only reconnect after at least 5 heavy rain falls.

Is Move-It safe around my pets?

Yes, but don’t allow them to drink it or walk on it when first applied, ingestion may occur if your pet licks it’s paws.

Is Move-It safe around my plants?

Yes, your plants will not be harmed by the overspray or run off of Move-It, you can even kill the moss on your lawn and not hurt the grass! Rinse overspray on more delicate plants down with water if required.

I don’t understand the mixing ratio, what should I do?

In most cases a mix rate of 1 part Move-It to 5 parts Water works great, (example; 100ml of Move-It added to 500ml Water, making 600ml total).

Where can I find safety data sheets for Move-It products?

The most current safety data sheets are on https://totara-msds.co.nz/

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