Frequently Asked Questions

1. HELP, my driveway has turned a red/brown colour.
Do not be alarmed, this is a naturally occurring event when black mould dies, it will fade within 3-4 days and leave’s a nice clean surface.


2. I collect the rain water off my roof, what should I do to clean my roof?
When your tanks are full, disconnect them at the downpipe and apply Move-It. Only reconnect after at least 5 heavy rain falls.


3. Is Move-It safe around my pets?
Yes, but don’t allow them to drink it or walk on it when first applied, ingestion may occur if your pet licks it’s paws.


4. Is Move-It safe around my plants?
Yes, your plants will not be harmed by the overspray or run off of Move-It, you can even kill the moss on your lawn and not hurt the grass! Rinse overspray on more delicate plants down with water if required.


5. I don’t understand the mixing ratio, what should I do?
In most cases a mix rate of 1 part Move-It to 5 parts Water works great, (example; 100ml of Move-It added to 500ml Water, making 600ml total).

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